Outdoor Advertising

Gawronski Signs and Advertising has billboard space available for rent in areas surrounding Reedsburg, Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton, and Mauston. We will also act as an agent for other property owners, and contract the production of the advertisement to be placed on the billboards.

Below you will find a partial listing of the locations and sizes of billboards.

Sign Id:LocationSizeLighting
G12-01Hwy 12/16 Eastbound towards Wisconsin Dells4'X10'No
G12-02Hwy 12/16 Westbound towards Lyndon Station4'X10'No
G23-01Hwy 23 1890 ft East of County Hwy K6'X12'No
G16-01Hwy 16 Northbound towards Wisconsin Dells6'X14'No
G58-01 AHwy 58 Southbound into Mauston8'X16'No
G58-01 BHwy 58 Northbound towards Necedah8'X16'No
GH-01 ACounty Rd H Southbound towards Reedsburg8'X16'No
GH-01 BCounty Rd H Northbound towards Wisconsin Dells8'X16'No
G23-02 AHwy 23 Northbound into Lake Delton12'X24'No
G23-02 BHwy 23 Southbound towards Hwy 3312'X24'No
GBD-05ACounty Rd BD Southbound towards Baraboo12'X24'Yes
GBD-05BCounty Rd BD Northbound towards Lake Delton12'X24'Yes
G136-01S AHwy 136 Southbound in Baraboo (Upper)12'X24'Yes
G136-01S BHwy 136 Southbound in Baraboo (Lower)12'X24'Yes
G136-01N AHwy 136 Northbound in Baraboo (Upper)12'X24'Yes
G136-01N BHwy 136 Northbound in Baraboo (Lower)12'X24'Yes
G60-01Hwy 60 Southbound towards Lodi8'X18'No
WBD-01S AHwy BD Southbound towards Baraboo (Left)12'X24'Yes
WBD-01S BHwy BD Southbound towards Baraboo (Right)12'X24'Yes
WBD-01N AHwy BD Northbound towards Lake Delton (Right)12'X24'Yes
WBD-01N BHwy BD Northbound towards Lake Delton (Left)12'X24'Yes
W12-01AHwy 12 Northbound towards Lake Delton12'X48'Yes
W12-01BHwy 12 Southbound towards Baraboo12'X48'Yes
W12-02AHwy 12 Northbound towards Lake Delton12'X48'Yes
W12-02BHwy 12 Southbound towards Baraboo12'X48'Yes
DM3301Hwy 33 Eastbound towards Reedsburg8'X12'No
DM3302Hwy 33 Eastbound towards Reedsburg8'X12'No